Saturday, January 7, 2012

A day in the life of a job hunter

Job hunting/freelancing lacks the structure of a normal job.  Sure, it's awesome to get up and hang out in your sweats drinking coffee for a couple days, even weeks.  But sometimes I wonder if I am doing it right.  For those who might wonder what I am doing, here are two days worth of my schedule- I'm doing two days because they are so different, and so totally representative of the ups and downs of a job hunt.

Day 1:
7:30 am wake up, shower, coffee, check email (AWIS Board meeting coming up)
8:00 am Informational Interview
8:30 am Hunting down resources from interview, scheduling tweets, writing blog
9:30 am Prepare to meet a local conference organizer (get directions etc.)
10:30 am Meeting with conference organizer
11:00 am Lunch while updating twitter and Daily To Do List
11:30 am responding to emails, getting updates from the Science Center, checking LinkedIn (why is no one looking at my profile?)
1:00 pm Skype with my algae person, discuss his future needs
2:00 pm Making appointments for my grandmother
2:30 pm Reading material for the Science Center, very focused
5:30 pm Skype with friends.
7:00 pm Dinner with Friends
10:00 pm Responding to emails from Science Center, more reading on educational standards
12:30 am Bed
Still on my To Do List: respond to emails for scheduling meetings, begin edits of a long chapter due in two weeks, get info on upcoming trip

Day 2:
6 am wake up, coffee, check email
6:30 am Scheduled call rescheduled for 7:30, update blog, twitter and start writing "bio" for conference organizer
7:30 am Phone call delayed, more time on Facebook then I can be proud of and returning emails to schedule a visit to my undergraduate institution
8:30 am Phone call finally happens, seems I am missing flight information
8:45 am Tracking down missing flight information, idly checking email while on hold
9:45 am Booking new flight info
10:45 am Waiting for last confirmation email before moving offline to do some contract editing
10:50 am Chocolate peptalk and laundry
11:00 am Editing
11:40 am Impromptu Skype with algae guy for update on sourcing products (feeling gratified for getting dressed and combing my hair this morning)
11:50 am Lunch with a friend and errands
3:30 pm respond to emails re: algae and networking opportunities (LinkedIn invites and meetings scheduled)
3:45pm Return to editing, realize the first 2 pages are copied verbatim from a national travel site.  Email editor and throw in the towel.
4:20pm Email out my "bio" to conference organizer

Still on my To Do List:prepare for informational interview tomorrow, confirm trip details for Monday, contact my editor about next assignment, finished current editing assignment, and begin work on AWIS newsletter.

It's true, some days are a beautiful amalgam of perfectly cooperative and productive magic, I work hard and feel good doing it.  Others it seems like a struggle to get anything started or moving and I am just waiting for the pieces to come together.  Actually, I think that pretty well sums up my job hunt in general.  I'd love to hear if others have tips for maximizing all of this unstructured time, or just want to commiserate on the ebb and flow of the hunt.

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