Friday, July 22, 2011

Career sites I am using

I applied for my first job in January 2011, and have become very aggressive in my job search for the last couple months. Now that I've defended my Ph.D., I am acutely aware of the need to get a job, and feeling profoundly naive about how to do that.

Here is a quick list of the job sites that I have used or have profiles on. I want to put this up early in the game because one thing I really wish I had done a long time ago, maybe even before I went to graduate school, was to look at jobs I might want to get some day. If I'd had a job in mind I wanted to do, it might have helped me to focus of developing the skills that would make me a better candidate to do the jobs I am interested in. For example, being a Health Scientist with the CDC sounds really exciting, and as a molecular virologist, I am confidant I could do that job. But I would make the CDC much more confident if I had some experience working with human specimens or doing clinical research.

Check out some of these places. I promise to explain later the government bent, but for now, just peruse a few of these places. And if there are other sites or job boards you've found helpful, please add them in the comments! (Caveat: I can't confirm that all of these are high brow business entities, please use your own judgement).

Government Sites
Job boards
General Recruiters

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