Friday, July 22, 2011

Experiment 1: Writing a blog

This has been a strange week with regard to my job hunt. There were highs and lows and I've learned such an inordinate amount in between. Really, this very week I applied for a job as a cheesemaker in the Netherlands, was nearly recruited to a faculty position in the Arctic, and finally figured out which Series and Grade a Ph.D. qualifies for in a federal job (GS 11, 12 if you've postdoced). Initially, I thought this all would just make for an interesting chapter in my memoirs, but I didn't want to wait until I am old to share what I've learned with my peers and colleagues who might benefit from my experience. And some of this stuff I simply want to get off my chest without boring my friends and family.

On the blog, I'll try to cover:
1) Exciting and less well known jobs of interest to scientists (especially biologists).
2) Career skills worth developing, and resources to do that.
3) My personal foibles in the job hunt.
It may be a bit trial and error from here, but as a scientist, I am interested in logging my explorations and sharing my findings with my peers. This will certainly all be colored by my particular career goals and interests, but I would like somewhere to collect the information I know would be valuable to someone else's career search.

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