Friday, September 9, 2011

Caution: More ways to Spam yourself

Getting up to date information is really important in a job hunt. You want to know who is hiring and you want to have relevant news to share with your network. But, I am starting to think all these email updates may be getting out of control.

I get updates from job boards, so I know when jobs I might be interested in come up so I can apply for them (BioCareers, USAJobs, Washington Biotech Business Association etc.). I get "daily/weekly digests" from my LinkedIn groups (19 and counting) to tell me who is discussing what, and if jobs were posted. I'm now signing up for updates from and Google Alerts for biotech news- which I am hesitant to do. This morning, I cleared out 184 unread messages from my inbox.

I'm hoping a clean slate and adjusting some of my settings will help. I am already going to the LinkedIn Groups, so I don't need to hear from them, and I should probably just admit that daily digests of anything are too much for me. I'll let you know how Google Alerts pans out, unless I just decide I've got too much email to read anymore.

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