Sunday, September 18, 2011

Is having just a Ph.D. a non starter?

If you, like me, spend much (all) of your time looking at job postings, you have probably noticed a trend.  There are jobs for those with a BS, an MS or a PhD+postoc, but there is a surprising gap  in the number of jobs for people who just graduated, and want a job.  I am in the habit of contacting recruiters before I apply for a job, so I recently asked about a job for a person MS and a couple years of experience in drug discover (on average, that's me!  It would be perfect!)  The recruiter wrote back that unfortunately "the salary is not in line with that credential."  I wanted to write back "Lady!  The NIH wants to pay me $37K, I'll find a way to make do with whatever you are offering!" but I didn't because I am an adult.

I'm sure you've heard this rumor though: you can't get a job in industry unless you have post-doc experience (and it has to be the right post-doc experience, whatever that is). The friendly folks at Simply Biotech don't think it is impossible to be fit to an Associate Scientist position (read: Ph.D. + 0yrs).  I want to believe them, because they believe in me, but... I've started asking around.

I've started asking recruiters on LinkedIn "Does your company ever hire Ph.D.s without experience?" Check it out, I'm getting aggressive and networking.  Heck yes.  

The score so far: Novartis does not, and Kimberly-Clark and Cepheid do (in principle- neither has positions open today). I'll try to keep  you up to date as that score changes.  But the early results suggest that if not working freaks you out, get a post-doc.  It might be a while before a position opens up for you, new grads.

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