Monday, March 12, 2012

My new professional life

In addition to my part-time job at the bank, this week I am starting as an intern at the Center for Commercialization at the UW (C4C).  I've been assigned my first project, which will be helping in some regard with an SBIR.  An SBIR is a grant award via the Small Business Administration to help provide vehicles for commercialization of ideas.  I'll write more about this once I've read some more, but researchers who do more applied research are interested in these types of grants.  I spent the afternoon reading about the differences between patents and trademarks, and searching which was kinda fun.

I also accepted a new contract from another mysterious Chinese editing company.  I must say that dashing out of the bank to campus, then fighting through traffic to come home and look up the Instructions to the Authors for Pediatric Surgery International is pretty much where I thought my career has been headed.  Someday we'll get to look back on these posts and laugh, or maybe even reminisce about the good old days when I was editing for Chinese Yuans and chilling in the U district.  (That's what I'll call waiting in traffic when I am old and nostalgic.)  For now though, I have 4,000+ words to 'polish' and format for publication before Friday.

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