Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Related to the last post

I've finally updated my voice-mail on my phone.  I've been told that while not saying anything inappropriate, my old outgoing message made me sound unbelievably young.  So, it's been updated.  I'm also having a friend come over to take some profile pictures for LinkedIn- nothing fancy, but slightly better than you can take yourself with your own laptop computer.  And since I am still wearing my work clothes from my job at the bank, I think I look reasonably well put together.

And speaking of the job at the bank- working is good.  Training is good.  Learning new things is always great, and getting to interact with society it refreshing.  I'm wearing slacks everyday, testing out my wardrobe for professionalism and practicing doing my hair and make-up.  It's nice to do this in the context of an entry level job, I can figure out what works and doesn't without ruining my whole career.  But I do need some new shoes.  And I don't think I should wear mascara to work.  See?  I am learning new things all the time.

I'll probably be back to the bank job in future posts, but if there was ever any worry about whether or not I might just settle at the bank, don't worry.  Whenever it gets out that I have a Ph.D., the kids who are working their way through college until they can get a 'real' job laugh their heads off at me.  No one means to be mean, but I always get asked "Why don't you get a job as a biologist?" Ha.  As if it were that easy.

It's a little harder to balance my time with apply for jobs, meeting people and meeting my other obligations for volunteer and contract work now.  But I feel so much better about doing it that I am sure it is worth it.

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  1. Think how much fun it will be when those kids graduate, realize the scam that has been pulled on them, and you can laugh back at their realization that there are very few "real" jobs for anyone to work anymore!