Friday, June 29, 2012

Vignettes from my semi professional life

Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive after my last post, it really means a lot. It can be a little hard to explain the ups and downs of my life as a job hunter/contractor. I do still feel quite lost, but I am trying to enjoy the journey. Today felt like one of those significant days on the journey.  I'm not sure how to respond to any of it, so I will just throw it out there.

Some things that happened today:

I woke up early to finish part of a writing contract.  Have I mentioned I am really digging my current instructional design contract?  I promise to write more on that later, but yeah, it's going really well.

I was at the Hutch to interview a scientist about her job in academic administration.  Very cool job, and she is a very interesting lady.  I will be writing that up for the Seattle AWIS newsletter- I promise to link to that later.

While entering the Hutch, I was passed by a professorially looking type.  While I was filling out the visitor info, I noticed he approached a group of people centered around a young woman who was OmiGushing that she was soexcited, and sohappy, and so couldn't believe this was happening.  I figured she must have defended or something.  I wasn't paying too much attention until one of the photographers turned and said, "We'd love to get a picture of the two of you by your Nobel Prize."  Why hello, Dr. Hartwell.

After the interview, I agreed to meet a contact for lunch in South Lake Union- this is the part of Seattle where most of the biotech and research institutes are centered, and it sits right on the lake.  I was stunned to find myself sitting in a much too nice restaurant overlooking a marina and watching the float planes.  This was a "what am I doing here?" moment.  Turns out, this guy wanted my advice (MY advice) on this STEM program he is thinking about, and how it should be developed and what are the needs there.  And he bought me that fancy lunch for the privilege of my opinion.  Someone was schmoozing me!

I'm submitting an invoice for the most money I have ever made in a single two week period in my entire life.  That's right, my time and effort are valuable. 

As I said, it feels like a lot has happened.  I learned about a whole new avenue for careers, I've decided I'm actually really loving my current line of work, I miss being starstruck by famous nerds, and somehow, despite spending all week at home in my PJs, people find my opinions and my work valuable.  Huh.

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