Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dealing with contracts on my CV

I am fortunate that while I am not working full time, I have been able to put together a couple short term or part time contracts that help to keep me busy, growing professionally and, to some extent, paid.  It's been insightful for me to navigate the process from signing a non-disclosure, to writing a contract and submitting invoices- heck, even getting my own business license to keep it all above board.  I would presume that jobs that want "industry experience" are looking for a certain sensitivity to these types of issues.  My current question then, is how do I display that I have done these things?  I've heard that "too much contracting" can look like a red flag to an employer- why did none of that turn into a full-time/permanent offer?  But should I list these things on my resume or CV?  and how?  Should this be on my LinkedIn profile- and if so, where?

I expect I'll be browsing my current connections for people who have done this type of work to see how they describe it and what works.  I think I may just need an additional title as "freelancer" or "Sole proprietor" to let some of that work fall into- but I am not sure it will be found, or be able to imply the breadth of the work I am doing (currently biofuels and education on separate contracts, hopefully more in the future).  I'd love some feedback, and I think that I'll probably play with a few iterations until I get something I like.

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