Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Trying to make this better- keeping busy

Job hunting blows.  There is no way around that, but I am trying to make some of the lame-ness of job hunting more bareable for myself so that when a good looking opportunity comes up, I won't be some desocialized, unhygienic hermit.  A big part I am missing from my routine is human interaction- so I've been making myself go to the library for a change of scene.  That helps a lot, actually.  It's not the same as having coworkers around, but there is a certain return of dignity when you get dressed for the world.

I also miss the dynamic atmosphere of my old job.  Job hunting feels pretty static these days.  To break up that monotony, I am starting to do some different types of editing.  I don't think this will be a long-lived contract, but having things that need to be done and then accomplishing them is a giant help for my rejection addled ego.  Which also reminds me to focus on doing things I can do, only stress about phone calls for people who will talk to me, make time to relax and actually enjoy things instead of just sitting in my PJs all day with a cup of the cheapest tea available.  Yesterday I went for a walk and kicked up some dry leaves- this won't solve my joblessness, but it made me willing to tackle it again when I got back.

This has been a very slow season for me, so I am feeling impatient and restless about the whole search.  But I've got some good things coming up that should keep me busy through at least part of January, by which point I hope things will look different.

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