Thursday, December 8, 2011

Workshops are good because....

I am at at UTex workshop at the Algae Collection this week.  As a grad student, I never attended a workshop and now I wish I had.  This workshop is great- and it isn't done yet.  Here are a couple reasons I am glad I came though:
-I am meeting some great people with really diverse algae applications in mind.
-I am collecting some great information and perspectives about the technical aspects of algae.
-I'm getting the opportunity to validate my interest in algae and biofuel, really get something on my CV about it.
-I've also got ideas for how to advance this interest (bioprospecting?), which will help me explore the field, and give me an excuse to keep in touch with my new contacts.
AND it's really fun AND algae are beautiful AND I am optimistic the future of algae in biofuels.  More on that tomorrow, after our exciting field trip.  That's another perk of a workshop.

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