Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another way to get teaching experience?

For reasons that seem silly to explain, I was searching on the AP Central website for info about AP Bio exam. If you were a bright kid in a well funded school district, you might have taken AP Bio for college credit, and the experience culminated in taking a long standardized exam. Remember that?

Now that you've got your degree, you could be on the other side of that exam. Turns out they always need people to read those exams. My impression is you need to have taught Intro Bio at the college level in the last three years. I'd never really thought of using my teaching experience anywhere but inside a classroom, but obviously there are plenty of other opportunities for the creative career seeker.

That kinda made me wonder who scores the GREs. Looks like they are always in need of science writers, and teaching type folks. If you like thinking about pedagogy, this might be a cool way to supplement your experience, or just a good career to pursue.

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