Thursday, August 25, 2011

Experiment 4.2: #HireFriday

Well this just blows the lid off the old-school job hunt.

You know how I've been trying to use twitter to help in my job hunt? Earlier I'd posted that I was finding lots of job postings there, and I keep meaning to throw up some more of the links I run across about effective tips and tools. (I promise I'll get to it!) I'm trying to follow the "traditional" advice to follow recruiters, listen to and engage with them a bit. One of the people I am following who is doling out lots of good advice is @AvidCareerist- she is always giving informative advice from a reasonably conservative standpoint ( I don't want to get a job by going viral, I want to get a job because I am reasonably well qualified.) She is the reason I changed my twitter profile to link to my LinkedIn Profile, instead of this blog. Follow her or her blog for general job hunt/career advice.

Ok, all of this was an introduction to the mindblowing that just happened. See, AvidCareerist posts a lot of HOW TO type posts, HOW TO use Twitter, HOW TO Network, HOW TO Connect on LinkedIn- practical, right? So of course I looked at this: HOW TO Use #HireFriday to publicize your job search. Remember how I was working on a good pitch? Tweet your qualifications with the hashtag #HireFriday and recruiters are watching. If they like it, they RT it- or better yet, contact you. I'm really amped to try this- job hunting would be WAY more fun if I was being approached by good prospects instead of digging around for them.

On a related note, @TalentDiva promises to RT your pitch with the tag #HireMeWed on Wednesdays- I could be tweeting my CV everyday of the week! But seriously, has this ever worked for anyone ever??

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