Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cross your fingers- is this working?

Last week, I was all over the twitter. I've been following/interacting with tons of recruiting types and trying to crack their lingo. Remember my joy over #HireFriday? Well, there is also this other stuff that goes along with it, like the Hire Friday chat or #hfchat. I'll let you know more about this when I can figure out what it means.

BUT, in my investigations, I connected with one of the chat moderators, mostly to ask him what that means. And he said, for someone of your pedigree, there are possibly better resources. I hope he is right, and not just assuming (like so many people do) that there is a magical backdoor to success and fortune once you get a PhD. More on that later- but it gave me the courage to try the social media approach on a small biotech I'm following on Twitter.

Namely, they said via Twitter that they were hiring, but it isn't clear for what positions. I sent my resume and a cover letter, called 4 times and haven't heard from them. If there isn't a job, I'll stop stalking. So, I called them out on Twitter. And they sent me a direct message asking for my resume. Yeah, this means they are pretty flaky, but how awesome is it to open my email and see a request for my resume?!

I've also got a phone call planned for next week with a recruiter/career coach I chatted with briefly on the AWIS Group on LinkedIn. I'm starting to think about investigating the services of a career coach (I suspect that will be the nature of our phone call), I promise to report if I can find out what one of those does. My impression it they are pay-per-mentor, and a good one would give you insights into hiring processes in fields you want to move into or advance in. Should be a good week, and I've got some other good posts planned.

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