Friday, August 26, 2011

Ways I'm going to try to use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a struggle- there is supposed to be lots of important connections to be made there, and yet I'm not sure I am doing any of them. I'm looking into what I'm "supposed" to be doing on LinkedIn. Here are a few of the resources I can recommend, which are helping me think about how to use this tool:

HOW TO: Get a job via LinkedIn (and other good resources at by the Avid Careerist)
HOW TO: Use LinkedIn to Find out What makes Hiring Managers Tick, (hint: you look at how managers are recommending other people. This was insightful)

The blog of the internet's first LinkedIn Guru.
Ideas for beefing up your Profile.

Want to be found by recruiters? You have to show up in their searches, so think about search engine optimization.

All this aside though, LinkedIn is a social network- it's only as good as the people you are connected to. Do a favor for the people in your network, and keep your profile up to date and well connected. Want to know how good you are doing? Beansprock will grade your network strength, my network scored a D.


  1. Hey I'm in your network. I'm insulted by your grade! At least I'm up to date now

  2. Thanks, Patrick. I appreciate the help.