Friday, August 5, 2011

Weekend Reading

This week I've run across a number of interesting articles I wanted to share, so let me get to it.

Two interesting studies out on employment in science (one I found on Twitter, one provided by Uncle Bart in the comments). The first on post graduate salaries and employment in 2009. The number that sticks with me is that only 67% of life sciences graduates go on to post-doc. Where is everyone else going?

The second, on the state of women in STEM jobs. The Department of Commerce still wants better representation.

Next, two blogs of science-job worlds I wish I knew more about:

Medical Science Liaison
- bridging the tech with medicine for both internal purposes and for physicians using your products. Sounds like an Application Scientist with a better clinical background, but check out the immense resources on this site to find out for yourself. If you are considering this career path, there is everyone from job postings to an active online community.

Here is another great blog written by a former bench scientist in sales. I'm linking you specifically to the definitions of jobs that I had never really understood before (Field Application Scientist? Territory Manager?). She's got some great insight about the hiring process as well, so poke around.

The great Twitter experiment continues. I'm curating a twitter list of job-posting-centric tweets. Check it out, or follow me directly. But actually, the list has more information on it.

And what the heck, it's Friday: I found this amazing radio interview on Twitter, too. It came with the headline Man Arrested for building Nuclear Reactor in Kitchen.

Other information you think deserves a wider audience? Leave a comment or email me.

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